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Október 2024



Indian Pilgrimage - Pilgrimage to YourSelf

The pilgrimage leads through the north of the country and will begin in the protected environment of the campus of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Spiritual University. Much of the time during our stay will be spent in the Himalayas, where we will be moving at high altitudes. Our record will be at the source of the Ganges - around 4000m above sea level.

Indian Pilgrimage - Pilgrimage to YourSelf
Indian Pilgrimage - Pilgrimage to YourSelf

Time and place

Október 2024


About event

An Indian pilgrimage, a pilgrimage through the land of the spirit and the land of the inner world.

The pilgrimage will take place at the beginning of the month of October and will last approximately 14-17 days.

We will travel in a small group of no more than 10 people.

After a number of years, we will once again visit the Dev Sanskriti Vishwadyalaya Spiritual University in Haridwar where we will learn about Indian culture and Vedic tradition in a sheltered environment and through a program prepared by the university.  The next stop will be Rishikesh - the mecca of yoga and we will progress steadily up the Ganges to its sources. Then we will visit Gangotri - the last stop of the bus:) - and from there we will climb to the sources of the Ganges, to the relentlessly melting Gomoukh glacier at an altitude of about 4,000m.

We will work with body and mind and the power of the circle and sharing within it. I will send you a more detailed programme after you fill in the contact form.



Let's experience the real India together and let's make a pilgrimage through the sacred land to ourselves!

A low-budget pilgrimage through the land of the spirit, full of surprising experiences and insights about ourselves. In the modest style of the simplicity of ashrams and hostels

in high altitude locations, through regular practice, breath work, meditation, satsangs and interesting events, we will journey to our centre and in doing so open ourselves to the beauty of Mother Earth.



The short videos created by the pilgrims will surely give you a glimpse of what is to come.

Indian Pilgrimage 2016 in video form:

Indian Pilgrimage 2014 in video form:

A video presentation that was created as a compilation of photos and information from our visits to India from 2011-2014:

The video presentation from the 2013 pilgrimage with the Czech-Slovak crew can be viewed here::



The price of the pilgrimage is: 1999 euros (until 15 June),

2299 euros (after 15 June). The participant becomes a binding participant after the payment of the deposit.


I will send you the full program and more information upon request or after filling in the registration form.



Small summary and organizational information:

Length of stay: 15 to 17 days

Expected departure : - first days of October 2023

Number of pilgrims in the group : 8-10 people

Value: includes transport and accommodation, guide fee (the pilgrimage is low budget, so you should expect basic conditions without luxury)

Meals: - we will have meals provided during our stay at the university, later we will solve meals together or each as we feel

Visa: -now everyone has to apply for a visa in person, but I will assist in the visa process!


Vaccinations:-if you ask a specialist, they will recommend xy of them just for the sake of earning money, in fact, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid are enough, you can also take antimalarials just to be safe, but malaria doesn't occur in the north. A tetanus vaccination is also a must have. However you can easily travel without vaccination. You just need to be careful and conscious :)


Airfare: -is not included in price.

I will be arranging a group ticket for everyone at a discounted price from Vienna/ Bratislava. If you wish to fly from another country, it is your responsibility to buy your tickets.


If possible we will have a face to face meeting well in advance of departure to discuss all the important information, answer any questions and most importantly to get to know each other :)


You are all welcome.


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